The name THE THIN LINE is inspired by a line:

  • that of time, which unites past, present and future
  • that of the incision, which opens the door to surgery
  • and the main one, for a surgeon, with a thin line that divides a success from a tragedy. 

The purpose of the Academy is to reduce the chances of errors, practicing in an environment as close as possible to real life, with time to understand and try, precious time for both the surgeon who teaches and for the professional who learns.


Creativity is the basis of THE THIN LINE. We have created a font that reflects the project: surgery is a practical art that collects the technique handed down from the past and with new ideas tries to innovate it.
The research to create the Academy's brand identity led hermann Eidenbenz, one of the first people in Switzerland to call himself a graphic designer. From the first half of the twentieth century to the 50s, he trained in graphic design in Zurich, Magdeburg, Basel and Brunswick, first as a student and then as a teacher.
The designer gave a lecture in 1932 that caused a sensation at the time: he asked his students to draw a capital alphabet. Everyone drew it in the same way. This led Eidenbenz to believe that the capitalization had a rigid base and created a grid. Inside the grid you could move and make art: it was a creative system but the base remained rigid. From the same grid designed by Eidenbenz comes the inspiration for the typface of THE THIN LINE, designed by Studio Garonzi.




The logo line is not a line in one sense:

  • the engravings do not have a single direction;
  • the line that passes on knowledge is not only horizontal;
  • influences sometimes change perspective

The Academy aims to innovate with courage, with a different way of operating and experimenting with technologies. 
The profession of the surgeon is creative: it starts from technique and knowledge and finds in the diversity of bodies the face of situations with different methods.