The Thin Line is a multidisciplinary academy whose aim is to create surgical training courses that support current training tools (webinars, live surgery, simulators, conferences, hands-on on mannequins) with training courses based on the use of human corpses.

The Academy provides, in particular, a network of experts and renowned surgeons who carry out direct tutoring and remote support to their learners or clients.

The Thin Line aims to support medical companies or individual professionals who intend to test or develop new devices or surgical techniques in an environment that is as close to real life as possible.

Lastly, through professional certification paths, the Academy defines measurable and replicable quality standards in order to reduce the risk of procedural or product failure, in a context of best practices with direct and indirect benefit for the parties involved in the process of care and treatment.


To offer a place where surgeons can share their knowledge in order to promote technical and professional growth.


• Share our know-how through teaching and coaching.
• Create a community of surgeons that is always connected and supportive.
• Create an easily usable technical content platform.
• Use the best technologies and contribute to the development of future ones.
• Define a standard of evaluation of surgical results.
• Reduce technical errors and related to poor or imperfect knowledge of techniques and devices.
• Multidisciplinary training.
• Increase the degree of confidence with high technology.